Before We Begin

Our Process


How to Prep Your Interior

  • Remove your paintings and pictures from the walls
  • Collect knickknacks from tables and mantels
  • Secure your pets from the project area
  • Remove pet and child gates

How We Prep for Interiors

  • Move furniture
  • Remove drapery (we’ll reinstall it when we’re done!)
  • Use fresh plastic for every project
  • Remove switch and outlet plates (we’ll put them back)
  • Texturize, if requested
  • Fill nail holes and cracks
  • Caulk cracks along doors, baseboards and ceiling crowns
  • Scuff, sand and clean wood
  • Remove wallpaper


How to Prep Your Exterior

  • Turn off sprinklers
  • Remove wall hangings and plants
  • Secure and clean up after pets

How We Prep Exteriors

  • Powerwash to remove sand, dirt and mildew
  • Remove loose paint
  • Prime bare/new wood
  • Caulk windows and entrances

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